Practice Self-Gratitude

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practice self-gratitude
practice self-gratitude

Much of the gratitude we focus on is external. Today be grateful for the internal which is you! Begin to practice self-gratitude and start celebrating you!

We spend a lot of our lives focusing on others that we forget to be thankful for ourselves. Let’s change that and create a Self-Gratitude List.

Create a Self-Gratitude List

First, get some paper or use your computer.

Second, write down qualities you like about yourself. Ideas: kind, giving, caring, helpful, happy, inspirational, creative, funny, open-minded, don’t take things personally, let go easily, resilient, optimistic, follow you passions or dreams, free-spirit, patient, or uplifting.

Third, after you have finished number two, take your favorite three qualities and create affirmation statements. An affirmation is a personal statement of what you would like to create in your life, or that is already true, such as “I can do this.”

The most powerful affirmation for me is “I am” because whatever follows it, states what you are. When you think or believe “I am joyful,” “I am grateful,” or “I am at peace,” this is what appears in your life. In other words, it’s your thought expression turning into physical form. If you have over three, that’s great. You can even combine them together for one statement. Plus, you can include how these make you feel for even more power.

Affirmation Examples

I am a kind and generous person.

I’m open-minded and consider other points of view.

I am optimistic and uplifting, and this gives me a better outlook on life.

I let things go easily and don’t take stuff personally, which places me in a better mindset.

I’m creative and follow my dreams, and this makes me happy.

I have a great sense of humor and this allows me to be in a better mood.

Fourth, look at these statements daily to reinforce their message. Read, live, and be these affirmations and you will notice your life changing for the better. By embracing your personal affirmations, you will invite these desires into your life.

Finally, by giving your attention to these statements, the more your beliefs will change and your wishes can start to manifest. We have the power to bring our dreams into reality. Start your own self-gratitude list and create your power affirmations.

I am my own dream maker!

Affirmations, Intentions, and Mantras

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