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 “Spotlighting each individual’s power to create a different reality by changing up their thoughts and emotions.”

"Lok-Payne provides a winning blend
of personal narrative and self-help."

-The BookLife Prize

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8 Steps to Improve Negative Self-Talk

Our inner dialogue affects our lives in either a good way or not so good way. How we think creates our actions, which become our reality. We can improve negative self-talk. Unfortunately, our minds are hard-wired to focus on the negative. This comes from earlier times when we had to

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Wake Up! Change Up! Rise Up!

2022 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner in Self-Help

“Lok-Payne provides a winning blend of personal narrative and self-help. This transformative guide offers something for everyone.” – The BookLife Prize

A clear-cut guide to navigate challenges, let go of limiting beliefs, and find joy. Reinvent yourself with this inspirational book to create a life you love!

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