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Speak This Not That: Positive Affirmations To Have a Better Day comes out November 1, 2022!

The greatest influence on our daily lives is our internal dialogue. It shapes everything from how we interact with others to the way we treat ourselves. Often, we don’t notice our mental conversations—many of which are noisy and disruptive. We dwell, ruminate, and worry about scenarios that never come to pass.

Our minds are hard-wired to focus on the negative. In earlier times, this helped us to recognize and avoid dangerous threats, such as being chased by animal. Today, though most of us are not being hunted, our minds are still biased toward negativity. Many of these “thought threats” are just false narratives running wild. Even if there is some truth to these statements, we can make the stories seem far worse than they actually are. But with some attention, we can move from the worst-case scenario to a better place.

Speak This Not That

This book is designed to bring awareness to our self-talk and improve our thinking. It’s a reminder to treat ourselves with compassion and encouragement. So how do we do this? First, by consciously considering what we are telling ourselves. How can change occur if we don’t pay attention to the chatter in our heads?

Second is to revise and change our internal language to something more empowering. When we say statements such as, “I’m not good enough,” or “This won’t work,” we shrink our power, our worth. These limiting beliefs put us into victim mode, which makes us feel like we are not in control and narrows the possibilities we see in our lives. We wouldn’t tell a friend they were not good enough, so why do we belittle ourselves? By making a simple change from “I can’t” to “How can I?”, we open the door to new opportunities.

Studies have shown that the brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagined thoughts. By shifting our thinking, we can actually train our neural pathways to focus on the positive, change the way we perceive our experiences, and impact the world around us.

Third, we can redirect our attention from scarcity to abundance. The best strategy I have found is to concentrate on gratitude and savor the good.

Finally, notice when speaking the words “I am.” These two words are powerful affirmations. When we state “I am…,” this is the reality we create.

Words Have Power

The words we use to describe ourselves are extremely powerful. The stories we tell ourselves matter. When we transform the mind’s chatter and create more encouraging self-talk, then we can truly thrive!

Look for Speak This Not That at your favorite bookstore or Amazon. Great holiday gift or stocking stuffer for your friends, family, or your book club buddies!

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