Affirmations, Intentions, and Mantras

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affirmations, intentions, and mantras

Affirmations, intentions, and mantras can help us to transform our lives. What is a mantra? A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound, spoken out loud or silently, to help focus the mind. It carries the vibrational energy of the word or sound. By repeating a mantra, mental chatter decreases. Often used as a sacred language to connect to the Divine or higher-self, mantras can bring in a state of calmness and serenity. I prefer to keep my mantras simple by using the words such as peace, love, or Om, which is said to be the vibrational sound of the universe that allows one to feel a connection to everything.

An affirmation is a personal statement of what I declare to be true, such as “I am joy.”

If I wake up a little groggy, my affirmation is, “I have all the energy I need to accomplish my tasks.” When feeling a bit under the weather, I transform my thoughts by stating the affirmation, “I am healthy.” And if anxious thoughts creep in, I think, “I am strong and I can do this.” These statements can be anything we want them to be so when we believe in them, we set desires into motion.

Whatever follows I AM is what I become.

For me, I AM is the most powerful affirmation because whatever follows I AM states “I AM that.” I AM is the divine being in us, and what comes next is this expression in physical form. When I put my attention on the statement “I AM love,” I can feel love inside of me. Embracing affirmations invites in our desires.

An intention is a map, a plan, an action step toward where I want to go—a goal with a specific result in mind. By stating my intention, I am planting a seed to start me moving in the direction I wish to take. Examples would be, “Today I will not let obstacles control my emotions,” or “I intend to be more aware of my thoughts.” Or I could just pick one word, such as joy, focus, presence, energy, or kindness, and set that as my day’s intention. I may be pleasantly surprised by what I attract.

Mantras, affirmations, and intentions are all tools to help us achieve our goals. Attraction is a direct response to the vibration of our thoughts and emotions, so choose words wisely. What we think and feel, we become. Form a habit to examine self-imposed thoughts, revising the script as needed. And create positive I AM statements. Below are some of my favorites. The last one really hits home to my soul.

I AM responsible for my life.

I AM here for a purpose.

I AM enough.

Negative Affirmations

Positive affirmations are beneficial but we can also repeat negative affirmations that are detrimental or unhelpful. When thinking “I am undeserving,” or “I am not worthy,” or other destructive thoughts appear, we bring these into our reality. Therefore by listening to our self-talk, we can examine our stories. Are we repeating any of the following tales to ourselves?

I am not good enough.

No one likes me.

My job is terrible.

Life is just too hard.

It may be hard to change these thought patterns, but it can be done. When we shift the dialogue to constructive, loving affirmations, over time, the mind will start to accept these statements as truth. A negative cycle can be broken with more favorable statements, such as the following.

I am good enough.

I am a kind person and I have a lot to offer.

People love me and I love myself.

My job allows me to help others and provides me an income.

My life is getting better.

Every day we create our personal reality with our thoughts and emotions. Affirmations, intentions, and mantras help us to change our internal script. Repetition is the mother of learning, so repeat empowering phrases that are supportive. The more a statement is focused on, the more it is reinforced, therefore it becomes a belief that manifests in our lives.

We hold the power to fulfill our dreams. I AM my own dream maker.

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