Everything is Beautifully Connected: You, Me, and The Universe

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we are all connected
we are all connected

AFFIRMATION: I feel the connection with all.

In my attempts to understand and express gratitude, joy, and love, I have come to conclude that we are connected to each other, nature, and the entire universe—we are all a part of this same energy. You may call this energy God, Source,Divine Creator, Great Spirit, Pure Love, I AM, All-Knowing-All, or some other name to define this loving energy.

To use a metaphor, we are the leaves of a divine tree. Even though each leaf differs in shape, color, and texture, we are all created from this one sacred source. And at the end of a leaf’s life, it falls to the ground releasing nutrients into the earth and back to the tree, where a new generation will begin. Everything in the universe is part of this tree. All of us work together in the cycle of life. We are all connected.

This connection is always with us, though it may be hidden. Feeling the joy of holding a baby, reuniting with a friend, visiting a parent, or anything that brings the heart happiness helps us experience this pure unconditional love. We long for this light. This sparkle is seen in another person when their eyes twinkle, illuminating from within. We can witness the joy in their faces and the calmness in their being. Imagine a child’s happy face—this is the light we are searching for and can all experience. I believe this inner light is God’s energy, our connection to Source. This eternal bond links us.

Life’s Tapestry

Everything is networked together in the tapestry of life, like an infinite web. Each one of us is a thread that is united with all the other threads, so what we do affects one another and our environment. We get so busy in our lives with self-interest concerns, worries, demands, hopes, and fears, that we feel separated, like we are each our own island. All is interconnected and this relationship can never be lost. Never. Even when feeling broken or isolated, we are still connected.

One way to feel this bond is by working with others toward a common goal, such as rebuilding a neighborhood that faced a natural disaster or volunteering at an organization like a food bank. It’s wonderful to see strangers come together for a collective purpose. We may come from different backgrounds and circumstances, but we can work with each other to achieve a desired outcome.


Science tells us we are all made from the same physical matter. Everything that has ever been created, all living things, are made from the elements of stars. The oxygen we breathe and the hydrogen in our water is birthed from stardust.

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of star stuff. — Carl Sagan, American astronomer, educator, author

Modern science tells us everything at its core is energy, vibration, and light. Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, explains that everything in the universe is made out of energy and is intertwined. He states, “We have to recognize that in the world we live in we are entangled in an unfathomable number of energy vibrations and we are connected to all of them.”¹

In my view, everything is linked, so any action or thought is felt by another. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” When energy moves in one direction it creates an equal force in the opposite direction. To me, this means that the energy I transmit, through thoughts, words, or actions, comes back to me. An example would be when I’m having a conversation with someone. My words produce a response, which results in an exchange of energy.

Love Connected

Isolated acts do not exist because there is always a reaction, and this demonstrates interconnection. Whether we are talking about an ocean wave, a bird sitting on a branch, or driving a car, every act influences something else. Newton describes his law in physical terms, but since everything is energy, wouldn’t thoughts apply?

One morning I was able to witness a transfer of energy. My daughter was sleeping, but her breathing was rapid, loud, and short. She must have been having a dream where she was stressed or anxious, and I felt the need to help her. I am not sure why, but I closed my eyes, and without speaking a word, I mentally told her she was safe, loved, and protected. Her breaths instantly went from rapid, intense, and short to slow, quiet, and calm. Her face softened with a smile, and a little giggle came out as she slept. In that moment, I believe I was given evidence that our energy is connected to everyone and everything. Our thoughts are energetic and do have power.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. — Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer

Universal Connection

This universal connection means that what we do, think, and say influences others as well as ourselves. I can use my thoughts in a positive or negative way. It is a choice. For example, let’s say a woman passes by as I walk down the street. I could smile, say hello, and send happy thoughts her way, making both of us feel good. Or I could ignore her or give her a frown. But the negative energy of that choice affects us both. What I do to others, I do to myself.

Are you using your energy to spread positivity and love, or are you closing yourself off from the world? Energy is constantly interacting with other energy, even if you don’t realize it. Maybe a smile would make someone’s day. Maybe they are feeling all alone, but in the brief moment it takes to smile, a connection is established. Perhaps they will smile at the next person who passes by, creating a positive ripple effect. We can all make conscious choices to create a better world by spreading love and choosing to use more positive words and actions with everyone we encounter.

My mom read a story about a boy who was so depressed he no longer wanted to live. He went to the market with the intention of returning home and ending his life. But fate stepped in. At the store, a person smiled and said some kind words to him. He thought about that smile and the gracious words spoken by a stranger on his way home and once he arrived, he no longer wanted to die. Without knowing it, this stranger saved a life. We never know what sort of day a person is experiencing, and how powerful a kind smile or a few warm-hearted words can be. We can take a moment to be connected.

The Water Experiment

Nature is also greatly influenced by energy. Researcher Masaru Emoto started experimenting with water in 1994 by photographing ice crystals. He noticed that water from various sources showed different patterns when frozen. Natural sources of water would form cohesive crystals and water that was polluted formed distorted patterns.

In other experiments, Emoto poured water into glass containers and changed the environment around them by placing different words or pictures next to the water or by playing various types of music or reciting prayers. After the water was exposed, samples were put on slides, frozen, then photographed.

Water that received positive statements, images, music, or prayers would produce beautiful, connected, and colorful snowflake-like crystals. Negative messages produced disfigured, dull, and incomplete patterns. Human intentions changed the water’s structural composition. Amazing pictures of these crystal formations are documented in Mr. Emoto’s book, The True Power of Water.²

We must pay respect to water, and feel love and gratitude, and receive vibrations with a positive attitude. Then, water changes, you change, and I change. Because both you and I are water. — Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher, author

His experiments give evidence that we can change our environment by the messages we transmit. The thoughts, emotions, and energy we communicate do make a difference. Around 60% of the human body is made up water—our lungs contain about 83% water, and our heart and brains are composed of 73% water, states USGS.gov.³ If can change the composition of water with our intentions, imagine how the thoughts and words we tell ourselves everyday impact our bodies.

We Are All Connected

What we think and feel, and the actions we take in our daily lives, affect all living things. If we are kind to one another, the beautiful energy of love and goodwill expands into the world. If our behavior is cruel or harsh, we spread toxic energy. The question is, What do we want to create? It is our choice. Even if someone treats us badly, we have the choice not to react negatively. We can stop negativity in its tracks by choosing a more positive behavior or creating a more loving response.

There are times in this physical life when the connection that binds us to spirit is forgotten. This disconnection can produce emotional lows, stress, anxiety, depression, and sometimes even physical pain. I went through such a time when I lost my husband. But with the support of family and friends, my burdens eased. Life’s journey is not meant to be traveled alone—it is a pilgrimage to be shared and created with others. This is what makes ordinary moments extraordinary. As I finished this section, I wrote, We are all connected. We are one.

And there it is—the title for the chapter. We are all linked in this divine circle of life, and our job is to experience the bond that unites us. Let’s awaken from this sleep and remember we are all part of the same band—the tribe of humanity.

Photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash

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