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Change Your Fear Thoughts And You Will Live Your Dreams!

I heard of a woman who was widowed at 27 with two children and went on to receive two Master degrees, a Doctorate and was an avid skier until she passed away at 78. How many people can pick themselves up after a tragedy and go on to live a happy, filled life? She did […]

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Open yourself up to new ideas!

Hello! I am Lynn Lok-Payne and I have always been curious about life and was born with a passion for educating myself and researching inspiring thoughts and ideas in order to become a better person.

Enlighten Up Now! is an inspirational self-help blog that reminds us that we are connected to everything. We are so busy in our lives that we have forgotten how to be loving, present and grateful.

Using music as inspiration, this blog offers readers practical steps to help them find their way back to their true selves. It is written for seekers who are searching for their own spirituality and life’s answers.

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My Daughter’s First Music Video – Blinding!

Just wanted to share my daughter’s first music video and the lyrics to her song, Blinding. I think she is brilliant!!! “Jumping out the plane, free falling Don’t know where I’m going Living in the present, appalling Think I may have just found my calling Make it good, make it crazy Live full out and […]

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What Makes A Person A Light To Others?

What makes a person a light to others? Having an open heart and sharing your gifts with the world. This light was my mother-in-law, Violet. As soon as she saw you, her face would light up! Violet would stop what she was doing and welcome you into her home with a warm hug. When you […]

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