The Present Moment is a Gift!

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Time is precious and often taken for granted. Living in the whirlwind of everyday life, it is easy to forget that today is a sacred gift. And isn’t that what this moment is—a present?

When we wish life was the same today as it was in the past, or having thoughts such as “When I get what I want, then I will be happy,” we are not being in the now. Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now, a book about living in the present and transforming thoughts of the future or past, states, “People look to time in expectation that it will eventually make them happy, but you cannot find true happiness by looking toward the future.”

When we look back on our lives, many times it’s the ordinary moments we treasure, like a walk at sunrise or making cookies with the family on a rainy day, in contrast to life-changing occasions such as getting a new job or signing the lease on a house. Ordinary activities are important and not just times to hurry through to get to the next place. The only power we have is in this point in time, not the last second or the next one. True happiness is found right here, right now.

Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. — Eckhart Tolle, spiritual teacher, writer, speaker

In his book, The Four Purposes of Life, Dan Millman writes, “True spiritual practice is not separate from our daily life but rather its very substance.”5 When we realize that life happens in ordinary moments, we are no longer searching for the extraordinary, because we know everyday events are the extraordinary. These are the occasions we remember and hold dear—playing frisbee with our child, watching a sunset, attending a concert, or picnicking in the park. By living in the now, we are in our spiritual practice because we understand that each day is sacred. When we do this, gratitude arises because we recognize the tremendous blessing we possess—the gift of today.

Eckart Tolle states, “It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” Living in the presence of appreciation, joy, and love is when we truly connect to our divine inner being.

So be present in life, even when cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. And be thankful to have a physical body that is able to perform these tasks because not everyone has one. Then step back and take pride in the completed job. Little ordinary tasks of accomplishment can bring joy when we are fully aware of this point in time.

Life is about the journey and our main focus should not be the end goal but rather the experiences and lessons we receive along the way. Be grateful for life, because any time we are in gratitude, in that exact moment, we are present in the now. Treasure each day. Because isn’t this what life is—a divine gift?

We are living Heaven on Earth at this very moment and each of us is meant to be happy, follow our passions, and live our purpose. By being present right now, we will be living our best life!

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