Smile at Mr. Blue Sky – My Music Bucket List #1

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Jeff Lynne's ELO at Hollywood BowlThis month I was lucky enough to cross off a couple items on my bucket list. To attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) perform. How fortunate I was to check off both of these items on one night!

It was a magical evening as a light cool breeze whirled through the Hollywood Bowl. As I sat there with my daughter, sister and friend, we listened to Jeff’s enchanting voice and spellbinding guitar accompanied by The Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. We watched the lights dance to the music of “Livin’ Thing”, “Turn To Stone” and “Telephone Line” as the sound echoed through the hills. Pure magic!

Of course my favorite was the upbeat song “Mr. Blue Sky” which has such a joyful, infectious energy that you cannot help but smile. So smile at “Mr. Blue Sky” because with Fall upon us, we should remember to enjoy this blue sky because the storms of winter will be here soon enough. So today smile and give the gift of happiness and love to everyone who crosses your path. You never know whose day you will make with just a smile. And enjoy the blue sky and find happiness in the magic of life. It is all around. You just need to look because the fireworks are there!

And to Jeff – Thank you for sharing your gift with us still after all these years and bringing your magical music and light show to the world. This world can use more light and love, so with tremendous gratitude, we thank you!

I think Jeff wrote the perfect ending to this post. And yes we are pleased (and blessed) to be with you, see what you do and look Jeff – Everyone is smiling right back at you!

“Welcome to the human race

A celebration, mister blue sky’s up there waitin’

And today is the day we’ve waited for…

Hey there mister blue

We’re so pleased to be with you

Look around see what you do

Everybody smiles at you.”

Mr. Blue Sky by Jeff Lynne’s ELO

Today give the gift of your smile to everyone you meet and strangers you pass by. Who knows? Maybe everyone will smile back at you too!  🙂

Quote - Mr. Blue Sky by Jeff Lynne's ELOSong - Mr. Blue Sky by Jeff Lynne's ELO

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