Poem – A Letter to Love

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A Letter To Love Poem

Dear Love,

Hello my dear. It’s been a long time,
And I want you to know that I am here,
For I am always with you.

You may not feel me in your times of fear,
Loneliness or despair,
But I am there.
For I never leave you.

I am in the wind, the sea, the land,
I am everywhere,
You just have to look for me.
And when you do, you will feel me.

You will feel me in your gratitude (yes my love, that is a big one!),
Your kindness,
Your compassion for yourself and others.
For I am love in all things.

You can see me in the smile of a stranger,
The flutter of a butterfly,
The joy in a child’s eyes.
And when you look at yourself in a mirror.

I am with you every step of the way,
Because I never leave you,
For I am you.
You in all your grand essence!

Love you always,

Lynn Lok-Payne

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