Poem – Buried Wounds

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Buried Wounds

Songs - The Healing Game by Van Morrison

Deep wounds can erupt at any time
Rooted somewhere in the dark tunnels of the past.
We try to escape but are trapped by the hurt
The buried wounds of a forgotten time long ago.

When the pains of the past are photographed onto our souls
Like negatives imprinted within our bodies.
As we try to escape our troubles and tears
And we dig our way out from underneath the roots.

Cutting, thrashing, yanking at the base
Pulling yourself up from the dark and dingy bottom.
Until you reach the golden light
Where true healing will take place.

Love that was once covered under the hidden dirt
Can emerge into a new realm, a new time, a new you.
You can start a different foundation
One that is based on love, not on pain.

You plant a new garden
That is grounded and grows in the light.
This is where your soul is centered
Where you are closest to God.

You feel it in your heart
Your true essences has been found.
A new beginning has begun
And you know you are Home.

By Lynn Lok-Payne

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