Meditation Changes Your Body and Reduces Stress

BeachOprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra are starting their free 21 day mediation on March 19, 2018. These mediations start with inspiration from both of them followed by a short mediation. I highly recommend the program. I believe a meditation practice can help reduce stress and improve your life.

Many people think it is what you receive during your mediation which is important, but I believe it is how it changes your life outside of mediation. After I meditate, I feel calm, grounded, and centered. This state of calmness can last throughout the day. Struggles that were there before meditation don’t seem as bad afterwards. In fact, the Chopra Center states some of the benefits of mediation are relief from stress and anxiety; decreased blood pressure and hypertension; lower cholesterol levels; more efficient oxygen use; increased production of anti-aging hormone DHEA; restful sleep, and growth changes in the brain. With so many healthy changes, why would you not want to mediate?

Deepak Chopra says “You have 23,000 genes in your body and when you meditate they start to express themselves differently – you experience healing, biologically, inflammation decreases, blood pressure goes down, emotional, and psychological.” By practicing meditation, you are releasing stress and changing the cells in your body. You become more peaceful and present which transforms into a life of more positive emotions like gratitude, creativity, and joyfulness.

In my mediation practice, I become silent and do not give attention to my thoughts. And if a thought passes through my mind, I just let it float by. And if I start giving attention to a thought, I let it go peacefully. At times your mind will follow your thoughts. That is ok. Just come back to stillness. The point is to allow whatever happens to happen without judging or analyzing.

If you want a question answered or gain wisdom, set that intention before you meditate then be still. Sometimes I receive knowledge, understanding, or inspiration during my mediation and other times nothing at all. It is hard to receive wisdom if your mind is running through your to-do list or other thoughts. It is in the silent gaps between thoughts where you connect. If your mind is still, answers can appear in your thoughts, feelings, or inspiration. Try to connect with your heart-centered, soul side of your spirit, and let go and allow inspiration to come through you.

Start with Oprah and Deepak’s free meditation below. These 20 minutes can improve your life and lead you to a healthier, more peaceful body. You got this!

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