Lucky in Love – A St. Patrick’s Day Wish for You!

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lucky in loveFinding true love is what many people long for. That is why romance movies are so popular because they give us hope in finding true love. Last week, with the passing of Nancy Reagan, the world was reminded that it can and does happen.

Patti Davis, the daughter of the Reagan’s, spoke at her mother’s funeral where she said –

“My parents were two halves of a circle, closed tight around a world in which their love for each other was the only sustenance they needed. While they might venture out and include others in their orbit, no one truly crossed the boundary into the space they held as theirs.”

What a powerful and telling statement that all they needed was each other. Ron and Nancy seemed to be one of those couples that drew strength from each other and that strength made them stronger individually and as a couple. Knowing that you have that kind of support from your partner would make you feel like you can do anything. And they did. They cherished each other and it showed through their smiles and how their eyes lit up when they saw each other.

The same hold true for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Jim and Betty who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Together they raised three children and many grandchildren. Through life’s ups and downs (as we all have had), they grew stronger and more in love than the day they met on the bus when Jim asked if he could sit next to her and she said “Today must be your lucky day!” And so the love story started! Same goes for my parents who have been married 52 years and still going strong!

I believe we are supposed to share our life with someone (or a few someone’s) to learn how to give and receive love. And the more positive, supportive and unconditional love that is, the more joy you have. If you are in a negative relationship, that can make you feel broken. Do you want to live in a house that is broken or one that is whole?

Don’t settle. Find someone who loves and supports you for who you are not what they want you to be. I was lucky because I was married to a man who accepted me, faults and all, for who I was and he did not try and change me.

Moreover, that love and support made me feel whole. Until I met him it was as if something was missing that I did not even know was missing. And what was missing was true love. I think that is what a great relationship brings to you. A feeling that you are this amazing person by yourself but together you can accomplish anything.

And that is what Nancy and Ron did. They proved to the world that working together as a team, you can change the world!

Quote, Love Story - Never having to say you're sorrySong - Lovesong by Adele

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