Our Life’s Purpose is to Love

Yellow FlowerOur life’s main purpose is to love. To give and to receive love (you need both). That is why we are here on earth. To share our love with humans, animals, nature and the world. We are all connected. What I do, think and say does affect others and myself and I can choose to use myself in a positive or negative way. And yes it is a choice. Let’s say I am walking down the street and a woman passes by me. I can choose to smile, say hello, and spread positive thoughts her way. Or I can walk by and ignore her, or just give her a frown which brings negative energy and feelings to her but also back to me. What I do to others I do to myself. It is that simple.

What do you want to do? How do you want to feel? Do you want to engage others and spread positive light and energy into the world or do you want to close yourself off from the rest of the world? We do this every day and don’t even realize it. Maybe that smile made her day because she was feeling all alone and your smile made her smile. She may now smile at the next person she passes which can create a ripple effect that spreads through the community. Let’s make a better world by spreading love and hope and choosing better, more positive words and actions to each other.

We came from Pure Love. We just don’t remember it. We are walking around unconscious of these memories. Let’s awaken from this unconscious sleep and remember Pure Love. To be love. To give love. We are here to help others and sometimes carry each other. Just as in the end of the poem Footprints by Mary Stevenson.

The Lord replied, ‘The times when you have seen only one set of footprints in the sand, is when I carried you.’

Carry your fellow man for they are your sister or brother. We are all connected. Every human, animal, tree, flower, water, fire, air and the universe are all connected. Treat everyone, even ones who have hurt you, with love, compassion and empathy. You don’t have to go down to their level. Raise your vibration with love and you can change the world. The more love and kindness we send out, the more we get back and the more we break down hatred and misunderstanding. Let’s start by sending out love, peace and understanding so humans and nature will start healing instead of destroying. With love we truly can build a world that is heaven on earth!

Quote - Love Is All You Need by The BeatlesSong - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother by The Hollies

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