It’s Gratitude Season!

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gratitude season
gratitude season

November is Gratitude Season – my theme for the month. It’s a time to remember what we are thankful for. In life, it’s easy to focus on what’s wrong instead of what’s right. So this month, I want to concentrate on what is working in my life. I hope you will join me! Here are a few prompts to get started.

What one good thing happened lately?

Did something this week make you laugh?

What made you smile today?

Who makes you feel special?

What are you looking forward to in the future?

Everyday Can Be Gratitude Season

There are many things to be grateful for, we just have to seek it. Like when I am on a walk, I’m grateful for the sun coming up, the blue sky, the green grass, and the beautiful trees. I saw two hummingbirds on my walk and I thanked them for visiting me. Gratitude is out there, you just have to look for it. Gratitude season can be 365 days a year if you choose to discover it.

And remember to say thank you for the little things, like someone refilling your water glass or holding the door open for you. Being grateful for the small stuff may not seem like much, but it’s important. It helps you find the good. And when you seek what’s good in your life, you are creating a different mindset. One that is calmer, more relaxed, and happier. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What Are You Pushing Against?

Have you ever noticed when you are in a bad mood, nothing seems to go right? But when you are feeling good, everything flows much easier. I know when I’m pushing, stressing, and trying to control an outcome, it never works out right. When I let go of what I think the result should be, and just accept what is, life is less stressful.

An example is when I was looking for a new console table, I kept pushing to find something and nothing seemed right. But when I gave myself a break from searching for it and let go of the outcome, the right table appeared. It’s like when you go shopping with nothing special in mind, you find a great shirt. But when you are looking for something specific, you can’t find anything.

I think it’s because we are open instead of wanting to control the details. We think we need to control every situation which is not true. And why do we worry about stuff we can’t control? That is a never-ending battle. There is beauty and freedom in letting things just happen. And sometimes, it turns out better than expected. Now, of course, not everything will be peachy. Challenges will still appear. But maybe, just maybe, they won’t look as bad.

I’ve heard people say that to receive more, you need to be grateful for what you already have. I believe that. Why would we get something that is the very opposite of what we are thinking? I am a believer that we attract what we focus on. So the more gratitude you seek, the more things to be grateful for will appear.

Let this month be the start of always living life in gratitude season. What unfolds may surprise you. And I want to let you know that I am very grateful to have you here. Thank you for reading this post. I truly appreciate you!!!

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