Gratitude 101 Journal

The 101-Day Journey to Boost Happiness

101 Days of Journal Prompts:

With positive affirmations and inspirational quotes

Flexible and Convenient:

Fits any schedule—daily or weekly reflections, no pressure.


One journal, 3 different color choices, same interior

The Power of Gratitude

The Gratitude 101 Journal provides a simple solution for those with busy schedules using guided prompts, positive affirmations, and quotes, cultivating the habit of appreciating life’s joys. All it takes is a few minutes to help shift into a grateful mindset and see the good in your life multiply.

Learn How To

Boost Your Happiness

Practice gratitude to elevate your joy, self-esteem, savoring, and overall fulfillment.

Increase Your Optimism

Cultivate a positive mindset and hopeful outlook to expand the good you see in life.

Strengthen Relationships

Appreciate the power of connection to foster deeper, more meaningful bonds.

Discover Silver Linings

Build resilience by recognizing the blessings that life’s challenges bring.

Lynn Lok-Payne

About the Author

Lynn Lok-Payne is an inspirational, self-help author and speaker, whose aspiration is to help others navigate change, discover their inner voice, and cultivate well-being through personal transformation. She believes when we change our inner dialogue, we can create a more empowering story line and become the next chapter of who we are meant to be.

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