Our Ego Creates Needless Struggle

Quote - Ego Loves Struggle by Brandilyn TeboI wanted to share this article “Our Ego Loves Creating a Struggle” written by life coach Brandilyn Tebo on Elephant Journal’s website.

“But, the ego loves creating a struggle, so that it has something to overcome and use to validate itself.” -Brandilyn Tebo

Her article discusses how our ego leads us to believe that negative self-talk will bring us better results. That belief is false because the only true way to a better life is through self-love. You cannot create an exceptional life by beating yourself up with negative emotions. It is only through positive emotions like love that you align with your higher self. And when you do, anything is possible!

“The higher emotional state you reside in, the less force you need to use in order to accomplish what you want.” – Brandilyn Tebo

Go to Elephant Journal’s website or Google the article’s name to find it. Let me know what you think. Love to hear your comments!

Our Ego loves creating a Struggle—but we don’t have to Let It.


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