Compassionate Teachers, Nurses, Moms Week

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With National Teacher’s Day, National Nurse’s Day, and Mother’s Day this week, I wanted to thank all the teachers, nurses, moms, and caretakers who fill in as a teacher, nurse, or mom for someone who needs one.

All of you give a helping hand that many times may seem to go unnoticed. But I want you to know that it is because of you that we can get through our day or overcome a challenge. You are the reason we mend, learn, move forward, and thrive.

Moms, teachers, and nurses are the caretakers, the healers, the mentors that give us compassion, inspiration, and guidance when we require assistance. You help carry us when we can’t, pick us up when we are down, take care of us when we are sick, teach us how to be better, and give us motivation to keep going. You persevere when we are unable and give us hope. You are Earth’s Compassionate Angels that make for a more enriched life filled with kindness, love, and understanding. We are better people because of you and your service. Please never forget that.

I want to give you all an enormous thank you for everything you unselfishly do, all the effort and long hours you put in to help us succeed. We are so blessed to have people like you in our lives. Your compassion helps us to know that we are not alone. And if we don’t always say thank you, know that our souls do see your hard work and our heart thanks you!

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