Change Direction and Be Open to New and Wonderful Opportunities

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change direction
change direction

Affirmation: I embrace change and am open to new opportunities.

Everything seems to move much faster than in the eras of our parents and grandparents. We can acknowledge transitions, or put on blinders and expect tomorrow to be the same as today. Sometimes we have to change direction.

When unwanted or unforeseen events happen, we may not accept our new situation and fight against it, leaving us feeling sad, anxious, or hopeless. We cannot go back to the past, no matter how much we may want to, but hopefully, in time, we will adapt to a different life. Transitions are an inevitable part of living, like how a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

Life does not stand still. Situations arise compelling us to switch our routines, such as a street closure forcing us to choose an alternate route. Depending on our outlook, we may not give much attention to this diversion or it can make us feel stressed. Usually a minor detour does not bother me, but recently it did because I knew the delay would make me late for a meeting. Wishing I would have left earlier and ruminating on my tardiness did not alter my circumstance. It was my response, not the detour, that caused my anxiety.

“What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.” — Anonymous

We can learn to accept or resist change. Either way, we are making a choice. Forming a conscious decision to make peace with change is fundamental to move forward. Outside forces, challenges, or obstacles bring us opportunities to grow. By working through these events, we become stronger. Difficulties can be hard or bittersweet, but life without change simply does not exist. Be open and don’t push too hard against the current. And some transitions are beneficial because they push us out of our comfort zones and allow for innovation and growth. 

A Change in Direction

Transitions occur throughout our lives, whether it is finishing school, switching jobs or careers, moving, illness, getting married, or leaving a relationship. These put us in unknown territory that can be scary and unpredictable, presenting feelings of uncertainty, fear, or doubt. But if we view these course changes as opportunities for growth while recognizing our strength, then we can handle these moments with greater ease.

If we find ourselves stuck or bored with life, sometimes we need a change. I believe these feelings are signals to examine our lives and discover what makes us happy. Often, what is required is a shift in thought. Our perception is key.

“Life is about perception. The quicker I learned that the happier I was.” — Anonymous

Sometimes we reach a turning point where we have to choose which road to take or forces beyond our control move us to an unforeseen or unwanted path. It may look like we have a “new life”, but it’s really just a change in direction. Transitions can stir up intense feelings, and may even cause physical symptoms, but eventually it becomes the new norm.

Storms Do Pass

A wicked storm brewed, and the wind knocked over my amaryllis, shattered my pot, and I lost my nine beautiful flowers. Life presents broken pots (challenges) and flowers (faith) lost. Broken pots, like challenges, can mend, and flowers, like faith, can return and give rise to new blossoms. Storms eventually pass, bringing brighter, clearer days. Just as a rainbow appears after a storm, new possibilities can present themselves once we move past the challenge. We have to be open to accept that shattered pots are just part of life, knowing that restoration is possible.

We all experience rain. Sometimes it is a light rain and other times it is a hurricane, bringing hardships to face and overcome. Trying times will test us and maybe this is their purpose—to ultimately teach us faith. Of course, when we are in the midst of hardship, it is difficult to imagine that a rainbow awaits us at the end. But have faith that the sun is still there behind the clouds. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but it will shine once again. What’s before our eyes may not be visible without faith.

Opportunities in Disguise

When we work through hardships or overcome challenges that seem impossible, we may become a different person. Look at changes, challenges, or obstacles in life as an opportunity to grow. Ask yourself, “Why has this change presented itself?” and “What can I learn from this?” Then list the possible reasons. If we look at changes as opportunities in disguise, a more positive outcome can appear.

For me, overcoming challenges has made me more patient and I’m better at going with the flow. I have learned to accept what is instead of wanting what I cannot control. I have also discovered that a new path, even one that seems foreign, can be okay. Like a tree that appears lifeless in the cold of winter, it begins a new growth cycle in the spring. Fresh branches sprout into new directions that did not exist before, making the tree stronger. We can be like that when we allow change instead of struggling with it.

Growth cannot occur without change. We benefit by moving forward—physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is best to focus on coping with change rather than fighting against it. This process may take time, so be gentle and loving with yourself. Our contentment lies in our expectation. On our road to recovery, we may discover we are stronger than we believe.

Transitions can lead us to a rebirth. Maybe it’s time for something new or a change in direction is needed. Keep learning and growing. On the journey of acceptance, we find peace. Be open to different paths and possibilities instead of believing there is only a “right” way. Magnificent transformation can occur in you. Welcome to your own metamorphosis!

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash

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