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Becoming Enlightened

Welcome to my blog! My intent is to share ideas in the hopes that both you and I will become more enlightened. What does it mean to become more enlightened? Enlightenment is opening ourselves up to new thoughts and ideas and awakening to universal truth. Enlightenment includes examining old thoughts and idea for relevance. Sometimes new ideas are just small expansions to what we already believe in. On the other hand, those new thoughts can bring a 180-degree change to our beliefs. What if those new thoughts are in the opposite direction to our existing beliefs?

Whoa, hold on there. Can we really change our perception to the way the world works? Yes, we can! What it takes is to be open to the POSSIBLITY of new thoughts and ideas. When you hear a new idea or thought, think is that viable? Does that new thought resonate with me? If it does not feel right to you, then you should pass on this new idea for now. However, if you feel that it is true or may be true, then you should explore the idea more.

The clue to if a new idea is right for you is to ask yourself “How do I feel?” Your feelings are an expression and a big clue to who you really are. Your feelings touch your true self deep down inside of you. When you get in touch with those feelings, you will make the right decisions in your life that brings you joy and happiness. The next time you are wondering if a new idea is right for you, pause for a moment to feel this new idea. Then ask yourself, “How do I feel?” This answer will lead you on the right path for you!

Quote - John Maynard Keynes - new ideas
Song - A Whole New World

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