A Letter To Love – A Poem by Me

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Quote - A Letter To Love by Lynn Lok-PayneI am reading the book Writing as a Path to Awakening by Albert Flynn DeSilver. One of the writing exercises is to write a poem. I thought, a poem? Writing a poem is going to help me with writing? I haven’t written a poem since my creative writing class in high school. But when he prompted me to write a letter to a heart emotion, in poem form, the following just poured out of me. It was as if the words were just coming through me and not from me.

Now I understand the exercise because writing with emotions from the heart truly connects you to yourself. Maybe you would like to try it? Don’t think, just write. You don’t need to write in a certain style. Just write freeform. You may be surprised what comes out. You can see and feel the beauty of your words. I think it is a message I needed to hear and hope it inspires you to write something that comes from your heart.


A Letter To Love

Dear Love,

Hello my dear. It’s been a long time,

And I want you to know that I am here,

For I am always with you.



You may not feel me in your times of fear,

Loneliness or despair,

But I am there.

For I never leave you.


I am in the wind, the sea, the land,

I am everywhere,

You just have to look for me.

And when you do, you will feel me.


You will feel me in your gratitude (yes my love, that is a big one!),

Your kindness,

Your compassion for yourself and others.

For I am love in all things.


You can see me in the smile of a stranger,

The flutter of a butterfly,

The joy in a child’s eyes.

And when you look at yourself in a mirror.


I am with you every step of the way,

Because I never leave you,

For I am you.

You in all your grand essence!


Love you always,

Lynn Lok-Payne

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