Earth Day – Mother Nature Is Asking For Your Help!


Earth Day is here once again and it is a great reminder to help to protect our environment. And this year will go on the record books as the most significant one yet. stated “The United States President Barak Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a statement recently that both sides will sign the Paris climate agreement on April 22nd, (Earth Day) 2016. This imminent agreement marks what could be the most important Earth Day in history…As a sign of solidarity and in an attempt to gain quick momentum, the United States and China will sign the agreement at the official signing ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York on April 22 . Both leaders hope signing the climate agreement early will provide the push the agreement needs to obtain the required 55 countries accounting for a minimum of 55% of global emissions.”

My hope is that we can reverse the global emissions and lessen the pollution and climate changes. We can clean up our oceans of all the garbage and toxins we have put into the water. We can stop tearing down the rain forests and other natural areas that are vital to life on this earth. Dr. Robert Campbell, played by Sean Connery, in the movie Medicine Man said I found a cure for the plague of the 20th century, and now I’ve lost it!” What if that is what we are doing, losing a cure, by not protecting this earth? I believe there are undiscovered natural cures in nature for our illnesses. What if we destroying the plants and land that can cure us?

When it is time for all of us to leave this planet, I would hope that most of us could say that we left this earth in great condition for our children. Not a mess that our children and their children will have to clean up, which is what we are facing now. I believe anything can be changed for the better so let’s all do our part to make this earth a better place for our children! Clean air, fresh water, pure foods and untouched natural areas should be a right that every creature on this earth! We are supposed to be the caretakers of this earth instead of the destroyers. Mother Nature is crying for our help!

We can do better! We must do better! If not for us, for the sake of our children and all animals on this beautiful earth. Connect with Mother Nature. Feel the dirt between your fingers. Plant a tree, a flower, help clean up a park or whatever calls to your soul. Small starts turn into bigger ones and all make a difference. So make a start somewhere and help Mother Earth to repair the mess we have made. Will you join me?

Watch Michael Jackson’s video “Earth Song”. On my homepage click the picture under “Song of the Week” and you will be taken to Youtube to see the video. His passionate video starts out how we are destroying it but ends that it can be fixed. This video has an amazing message. Please share it! And remember, there is always hope!!!

Quote - Change the World Margaret MeadSong - Earth Song by Michael Jackson

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