Change Your Fear Thoughts And You Will Live Your Dreams!

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Quote - Your Dreams are just a different thought away by Lynn Lok-PayneI heard of a woman who was widowed at 27 with two children and went on to receive two Master degrees, a Doctorate and was an avid skier until she passed away at 78. How many people can pick themselves up after a tragedy and go on to live a happy, filled life? She did and is a great example that life can go on. You can achieve your dreams and live a fulfilled life.

Did she have fear after her husband died? I don’t know for sure but I am guessing there was some doubt and fear of what the future holds. When you have a loss like that, your whole world turns upside down and your sense of security may not be the same. Fear, doubt and anxiety can play on your emotions and make you feel less secure or maybe even a bit fearful.

How many of us do not go after what we want out of fear? Sometimes our fear is real but many times it is just imagined fear. When we can let go of this imagined fear, negativity, stress, anxiety, and all other negative emotions, then the cloud will lift and you feel lighter and brighter. You will make better choices because you are not enveloped in the negativity. What you put out there will come back to you. Make the choice to think and see a better life. When you change your negative thoughts and emotions to more positive ones (or at least neutral), then you will live a life filled with love, joy and passion.

Your dreams are just a different thought away!

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