Thoughts Truly Become Things – Change Your I

Wayne 2The last few weeks I have wrote about Anita Moorjani and her NDE, Joel Osteen and The Power of I Am and Mike Dooley and his Notes from the Universe. What do all of these people’s messages have in common? The message is what we think about truly does come into our lives. For Anita, not speaking her truth and worrying about cancer became a reality. Joel talks about “Whatever follows I Am will find you.”  And Mike says “Thoughts become things.”

How many times is our mind playing a negative loop? We say “I can’t, I am not good enough, my life won’t change…” We all say this to ourselves. But if we can stop ourselves, become mindful of our thoughts and change our dialogue to positive or at least neutral, we will change the outcome. We need to become more present and pay attention to what we are thinking. When we do this we create new neuropaths in our brain and in time, our thoughts will start going more towards the positive instead of negative thinking.

“The brain can be trained to improve one’s focus and attention and also to not respond to the ongoing dialogue in our head that distracts us from making clear and useful decisions” states James M. Doty, MD, Neurosurgeon.

My daughter just wrote a paper on mindfulness. In it, McKenna says “As a young adult, one is surrounded by practically unlimited possibilities of the future filled with great opportunities. To flourish and find happiness, students must act on the complementarity of presence and change, which is ever-present in the college experience. Incorporating mindfulness on university campuses could help young adults more effectively deal with stress, increase the output of original ideas, enhance their growth potential, strengthen their feelings of contribution, and improve overall life satisfaction using practices that would continue to serve them even after graduation.

I think the above advice is great for all of us. We do have unlimited possibilities and great opportunities. Changing the script in our mind to play happy, positive thoughts will change our thinking which in turn changes our lives. Now you don’t want to go around criticizing yourself all day of your negative thoughts because that won’t help either. It’s just when you notice a negative thought entering your mind, take a breath, become present and then see if you can change that thought to positive or at least neutral.

In time, you will notice your thoughts become less negative. Our bodies and mind act out of habit. They go back to where they have gone before. So train your mind and body to go to a different place. A place where there is more happiness, less stress and more love for you and others. And when you do this, you will see your life has more opportunities and possibilities than you ever could imagine.

Let’s change our script and who better to help with this than the amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer! Below are a few of his affirmations from his book Excuses Begone!

  1. It will be difficult – I have the ability to accomplish any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.
  2. I don’t deserve it – I am a Divine creation, a piece of God. Therefore, I cannot be undeserving.
  3. No one will help me – The right circumstances and the right people are already here and will show up on time.
  4. It has never happened before – I am willing to attract all that I desire, beginning here and now.

See all 18 at –

You can live the life of your dreams. What are you waiting for? As Wayne says “My faith will make it so.”

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