Thanksgiving is a Time of Gratitude

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quote-be-kind-gratefulTo be in the state of gratitude is one of the best emotions you can experience. Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation for what you have. You could be given everything in the world but without the feeling of gratitude, those things would just be things. Gratitude lets you appreciate everything life gives you.

Gratitude brings you back to your true self and when you are filled with gratitude you feel whole and complete because there is nothing more you need from this moment. To appreciate what you have now will allow you to bring more blessings into your life. You also need to believe you are worthy to receive these gifts. When you feel worthy and blessed more grace will start coming your way.

Try to be grateful even when life throws a curve ball your way. You can say “I am grateful for this challenge” because sometimes there is a reason for those curve balls, like a lesson I need to learn or experience to grow. Not that I am happy about that curve ball. Sometimes it really sucks. But some of our greatest learning experiences come through the difficult times. I believe we would not grow if we did not have the ups and downs of life. The downs can make us stronger and hopefully smarter if we learn from them. And the difficult times helps us truly appreciate the good times.

One way to start to feel more grateful is as soon as you wake up write down something that you are grateful for today. It might be as simple as “I am grateful for waking up today. Thank you God”. Keep a notepad or journal next to where you sleep and do this first thing when you wake up. When you start your day with appreciation, you open yourself up to see and receive more appreciation of what the day holds.

And end your day with thankfulness. When I pray at night, I always say thank you for something in my day that I am grateful for. The blessings do not need to be big to count. Be thankful for your bed that you get to sleep in tonight so that your body can rest to handle the challenges and blessings of what tomorrow may bring. Your life matters so be thankful for your life and those lives around you. The people around you are definitely one of your biggest blessings so let them know that you are grateful for them. Share the love!

Being grateful is one of the most positive emotions that can heal your soul! I am grateful for my family, friends and those of you who are reading this post today. I am grateful for this platform to share positive and inspirational thoughts and spread more joy into the world. And I am grateful for waking up today to allow me the opportunity to share my love with others. Tomorrow is not a guarantee so use the time you have today to experience and share gratitude.



If you like this post, please share it with others. Thank you for reading this journal today. I am thankful for all of you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Gratitude Journal – The University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, The Science of a Meaningful Life, has a free online gratitude journal where you can post privately or publically. Every other day for 3 weeks you receive an email to write down what you are grateful for. To learn more visit These entries can be kept privately or shared on social media.


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