Living In Sync

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On my last post, I talked about how your feelings are an expression of your true self. What I have found is that if you listen to your feelings, you usually make the right decision. But many times we are trying to please others and we do things that do not make us feel good. Those negative emotions are there to tell us that we are not living our true self. It is the universe giving us a sign to pay attention to our thoughts and actions. If we feel negative, it is a sign that we are not living in harmony with our true self or soul.

 We live in such a hectic, “I need it now” world that we do not pause and take a moment to feel our emotions. We live in a society that is task-oriented instead of true self-oriented. We are so goal-oriented that we want to check off the items on our list without being in contact with our feelings to know if we are living our true purpose of self.

 Many of us are “people pleasers” in that we make decisions on what others want us to do instead of what feels right for us. We have all done it. We have all taken on extra tasks or go to an event that we truly felt was the wrong decision for us. Why did we do it? Maybe we did not want to let the other person down or worse yet, we did not want them to think badly of us. But would they really think poorly of us if we said no? I think not. We have to ask ourselves what are we really giving others if we do not feel good about it?

 The next time you are asked to do something, connect with your feelings first before giving an answer. Ask yourself “How does this request make me feel? Do I feel positive or negative?” We should listen to our feelings and make decisions based on what we can give positively to others and to ourselves. When we listen to ourselves, we become more of who we truly are!

Song - Happy- Pharrell Williams

Quote - Brian Tracy

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