Live Your Truth and Love Who You Are – Insights from Anita Moorjani

Quote - Live your life fearlessly by Anita MoorjaniThis weekend I was blessed to attend a seminar given by Anita Moorjani.  In 2006, Anita had end stage cancer and fell into a coma. The doctors said that she probably wouldn’t make beyond the next 36 hours because her organs were failing. Anita then had an NDE (near death experience) and crossed over into another dimension. There she realized a deep and overwhelming love from all spiritual beings. She had clarity to why she got cancer. From her experience on “the other side” she says that illness starts out on an energetic level before it becomes physical.

When Anita was in the coma, she heard and saw everything which was happening to her and the people around her. She even heard a conversation which was about 40 feet down the hall. Many people who have NDE’s experience similar events. When she was in the other dimension, she realized if she came back to this body, her body would heal quickly. About 30 hours later she woke up. 4 days later her tumors shrunk 70% and in 5 weeks they were all gone.

Anita said that we are more powerful than we can imagine and that we are not supposed to suffer. She says “Life is supposed to be great. And we are very, very loved.”

When Anita experienced her NDE, some lessons became clear. Below are a few of them.

  1. You need to love yourself. And when you don’t, you deny God the experience to express Himself through you. We are all magnificent beings and there is no separation between you and me. The universe is unconditional love and we are each an expression of this.
  2. Fear is the absence of love. If you fear others will judge you, then you lose your power. Don’t give your power away. And fear shuts down your immune system. She now looks at illness as an invitation to love.
  3. When you hit a road block, that just gives you more tools to get to another level.
  4. You attract people to you who are like you.
  5. We are fulfilling our destiny when we chose love. What are you doing when you are happy? Those are clues to what you are meant to do.
  6. We are all connected to one another in this great tapestry we call life. She saw it that each person’s life is a thread and we are all woven and interconnected to each other. What we do does affect others. All of our lives are intertwined.
  7. At what point are you going to live life?

In her first book, Dying To Be Me, Anita says “The only purpose of life: to be our self, live our truth, and be the love that we are.” In her second book What If This Is Heaven?, she writes “We have to accept all aspects of ourselves because that is where our deepest humanity lies.”

Anita said now the word remission means to her – Time to remember my mission. Her mission now is to spread the news of how truly loved we are and that heaven is on earth!

 “Go out and live your life fearlessly.” – Anita Moorjani

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