Live In The Ordinary Moments!

AzoresWe strive to achieve something that is important to us. We keep looking at the future. We do more, be more, think more. But what we are not realizing is that we are already MORE. We are enough. Just as we are right now in this present moment. Celebrate that. Celebrate that you are perfect just as you are right now. Yes, you may want to get fit, get a better job or more education, start a family, buy a house or whatever your dream is. I am not telling you not to do that. What I am saying is to enjoy the journey. Live in the present. Enjoy the ordinary moments. Because it is the ordinary moments that are most important and what life is truly about.

If you are on your death bed, I don’t think most of you will say, “Oh, my best moment was when I got that promotion or when I got a bigger house.” When we look back at our life, we would say it is in the ordinary moments that we cherish. Like the time you you were teaching your kid to ride a bike and she finally rode it by herself. Or the beach weekend getaway with your wife where it rained all weekend so you stayed in your room. Or making cookies with your children or grandchildren. It is in those ordinary moments that you truly experience life.

You may ask “How do I do that?” The answer is simple and ordinary. JUST BE PRESENT! When you are teaching your kid to ride a bike, don’t be thinking about all the yard work you have to do. Just enjoy the experience and the connection with your child. When you are on the weekend getaway with your wife, don’t thinking about the office. Be there with your wife and enjoy the moment. Put your phone away and don’t check your email. Stop thinking about the future and live in this present moment.

Yes, you may have some anxiety when you first try to be in the present instead of thinking about the future. But in time, that anxiety will fade and you will start appreciating the little things that make life great.

Enjoy the ordinary moments because it is in these moments that life is cherished. And it is the people you share your journey with that make those ordinary moments extraordinary. You will then be living a life to remember!

Quote - Present by Eckhart Tolle

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  1. I always enjoy your insightful remarks, Lynn. Looking forward to more gentle reminders of slowing down and looking at my surroundings!

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