Labels We Give Ourselves and Others

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I found this video from Prince Ea “I Am NOT Black, You Are NOT White” and I think it is important to share. So instead of me writing about it, I want you to hear the song. Below are a few lyrics from the song and a link to see it.

“I’m not here to lecture.

I just want to ask one question.

Who would you be if the world never gave you a label?

Never gave you a box to check.

Would you be white, black, Mexican, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, Indian?

No. We would be one. We would be together.

No longer living in the error of calling human beings black people, or white people.

These labels that will forever blind us from seeing a person for who they are.” – Prince Ea

Quote - Labels by Prince EaSong - I Am NOT Black, You Are NOT White by Prince Ea

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