Is Today an Opportunity or a Limitation?

Is this an opportunity or a limitation?




Life is full of challenges but it is how we view and react to them that makes all the difference. We can look at this self-imposed isolation as a limitation or we can view it as an opportunity to get back to what is important: relationships and happiness. I am always looking for something positive to focus on even through difficult times. I discovered this moment can be an opportunity.


I have phoned, texted, and emailed family and friends more in the last few days than the last several weeks. Maybe this “challenge” is giving us an opportunity to reconnect with others, but also ourselves.


We can take this time to rediscover what is important to us. Are we on the right path? Are we participating in activities that bring us joy? Are we happy? If the answer is no or I am not sure, what can we do to increase our happiness?


Take some quiet time to listen to your heart. What is it saying to you? Tomorrow my daughter and I are having a day of silence with no electronics. We are going within, with no distractions, to listen to our inner voice. Even if we do not hear anything, this day of no media or talking, will bring in a state of calmness. And isn’t that what we all need in these different times?


Think about incorporating some quiet time into your day. Maybe make a cup of tea and sit outside and listen to the birds. Do some yoga moves or take a meditative walk looking at the wonders of nature. Or sit quietly as you pay attention to your breath.


This time is about slowing down and realigning priorities. Find some peace in your day. Take the time to find out what makes you happy. Find gratitude. Even in times like these, there is so much to be grateful for and can be a blessing in disguise. I choose to be grateful for my family, friends, and that we are all healthy. How do you choose to view it?

2 comments on “Is Today an Opportunity or a Limitation?

  1. Thank you Lynn….Your messages always inspire me and come at just the right time! May you and your daughter be healthy and safe. With all that you have been through you are a true teacher of Peace and Understanding in the most challenging times!

    I will always treasure our dinner together in Pasadena so long ago….you are truly an Earth Angel!!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Lana! Glad the inspiration came at just the right time. We are all well and you are an Earth Angel too!

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