Let Go of Your Conditions on Love

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song-love-one-another-by-michael-w-smithI was inspired to write this blog from an email I received from a church. The article talks about how God’s love is total and unconditional. It goes on to say that Jesus loved unconditionally and without conditions. So why do we place conditions on the love we expect from others and even ourselves?

I think it must be our ego because I don’t believe conditions come from our heart. Maybe we have been hurt in the past so we think if this person does or does not do this, then they do not really love me. Or you may think if I didn’t have this flaw, I would be a much better person. Conditions are not good for the soul.

Love yourself and others as they are with all their imperfections. I believe it is our imperfections which make us human and they are placed in our lives to learn from. Many times I find what I don’t care for in others is something I do myself. The next time someone does something you don’t like, do the mirror test. Pretend you are looking in a mirror and ask yourself, “Do I do this?” Many times your answer may be yes. What we don’t like in others is something we don’t like in ourselves. Forgive and move one. Don’t hold on to that judgement. Let go of your conditions.

Open up your true heart. This is the heart that loves everyone and does not put restrictions on love. When you live from this space, life does not feel like such a chore. This is a space of pure peace.  Follow the best inspirational leaders of all time: God and His son Jesus. “You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

Who is it that I can love today without conditions? The answer might surprise you.

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