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Baby with CrownWant to keep your brain healthy? Jean Chatzky and Dr. Michael F. Roizen have written a book AgeProof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip. The book discusses how to age medically and financially with grace.

On the Today show you can see a video clip with Chatzky and Roizen on keeping your brain healthy. Below is a link to the clip and what they discussed on staying healthier as we age.

The segment talks about getting enough sleep (7-9) hours a night, reduce stress, stay active, learn something new (speed of processing games can make your brain about 10 years younger – memory and reasoning games do not work), play video games (certain types that decrease your dementia rate by 50% over 10 years) and take your vitamins. Dr. Roizen recommends taking ½ multivitamin twice a day, vitamin D2 & D3, Calcium Citrate with Magnesium, DHA (fish oil) 900 mg a day and a few other pills daily. Dr. Roizen believes that the vitamins B, D and fish oil are important for your brain function and hippocampus.

Dr. Roizen says to make yourself Ageproof by exercising, avoiding toxins (does that mean my wine?), manage stress and keep your waist at half your height and you can reduce chronic disease by 80% over a 30 year period.

I am going to buy the book to find out how I can age better because many of the things we do on a daily basis effects our long term health. I just hope I get to have a little wine once in awhile.

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